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Alfabetisk linjeoversikt i Tyskland, alle

Accordion Accordion - Music Teacher Acting
Administration and law Administrative Computer Science Administrative economics/ Public services management
Adult education Advertising and Market Communication Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering/Aeronautical Logistics Aeronautical Systems Engineering and Management, international course Aerospace engineering
Aesthetic Communication - Musicology Aesthetics Africa studies, applied/Geographical development research of Africa
African Languages and Cultures African Languages, Literature and Art African Philology
African Studies African Studies, applied/African Culture and Society Agricultural management
Agricultural marketing and management Agricultural studies/sciences Agriculture
Agrobiology Agroecology Agroeconomics
Aircraft Construction Albanian studies American studies
Ancient Iranian studies Ancient Oriental studies Anthropology
Anthropology, biological Applied Computer Science Applied science/technology at primary level
Applied social science at primary level Applied Sports Science Arabic studies
Archaeology and History of the Roman provinces Archaeology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Age Archaeology, Christian
Archaeology, Christian and art history, Byzantine Archaeology, Christian and Byzantine art history, Byzantine Archaeology, Christian und Byzantine History of Art
Archaeology, classical Archaeology, Near Eastern Archaeology, Pre- and Early History
Architecture Architecture (Holzminden) Architecture and Town Planning
Architecture and urban development Architecture and urban planning Architecture, Bachelor
Archive Art Art / liberal Arts
Art and archäology, Chinese Art and design Art education
Art education and art didactics Art education painting/graphic art Art history
Art history, East Asian Art history, medieval and modern Art history/Aesthetics
Art history/Ästhetics Art of goldsmithing Art Technology, Conservation and Restoration of Art and Cultural Assets
Art therapy Art therapy, Fine Arts Art, fine
Art, free fine Art, teaching qualification Artistic training / instruments
Assyrian studies Automation engineering Automotive electronics
Automotive engineering Automotive manufacturing Auxiliary sciences of ancient and classical history
Auxiliary sciences of history Bio Sciences Bio, environment and process and production engineering
Biochemistry Biocomputing Bioengineering
Biology Biomedical engineering Biotechnology
Biotechnology-process engineering Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics BIS business management
Book Illustration / Graphic Design Book science Book trade/publishing industry
Building Engineering Building physics Building technology
Building technology (two-subject Bachelor) Building technology/ civil engineering Business
Business administration Business Administration (career-integrated) Business Administration (only for transfer students)
Business Administration (training-integrated) Business Administration / Company Management Business Administration / Computer Applications in Economics
Business Administration / German-American Business Administration / International Business Business Administration / Personnel Management
Business Administration / Taxation and Auditing Business Administration with technical minor subject Business Administration – General Management
Business administration, information-oriented Business Administration, International Business Administration, International and Foreign Trade
Business Administration, technical Business administration/Intercultural management Business administration/Procurement and logistics
Business and ergonomics Business and law Business communication, intercultural
Business Computer Science (only for transfer students) Business computing Business education
Business engineering (Building and construction) Business law Business management
Business management (Nürtingen branch) Business management / EBP (German-British degree course) Business management, European
Business management, international combined with practice Business management, international technical Business management, technical
Business management/International management Business Mathematics Business science
Business science, special Business science/law Business/Industrial mathematics
Business/Politics Businesss administration, International Byzantine studies
Byzantine studies and modern Greek philology Canadian Studies, History And Society Care Management (international degree course)
Career-integrated course (CIC) Business Administration B.A. Cartography Cartography and Geomedia Engineering
Celtic studies Ceramic art, fine and applied Ceramic, glass and building materials technology
Ceramics Chemical and Bio-engineering Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering/ Paints-Varnishes-Environment Chemical engineering/ Process engineering Chemical technology
Chemistry Chemistry, pharmaceutical Chemistry/Environmental chemistry
Child dance education Choreography Church music
Church Music (Bachelor’s) Church music A Church music A, Protestant and Catholic
Church music B Church music B, Protestant Church Music B, Protestant + Catholic
Church Music, Protestant (B exam) Church music, Protestant and Catholic Civil engineering
Civil Engineering (Holzminden) Civil engineering and environmental engineering Civilisation Studies
Classical Philology Clothing design Clothing engineering
Coaching Commercial management Communication and software engineering
Communication design Communication engineering Communication Science
Communication studies Communication, visual Communication, visual media
Communications design Communications engineering Communications engineering/Information engineering
Comparative Indo-European Linguistics Composition Composition (artistic training)
Composition, instrumental and electronic Composition, structure/Aural training Composition/Theory
Composition/Theory/Structure Computer engineering Computer linguistics
Computer Networking Computer science Computer Science (BSc)
Computer Science in Economics Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering in practical association (training-integrated) Computer science, applied
Computer science, applied (process automation) Computer science, general Computer science, in the natural sciences
Computer Science, linguistic Computer science, medical Computer science, minor subject
Computer Science, practical Computer science, technical Computer technology/ Automation engineering
Computer visualistics Computing, technical Concert Singing / Music Theatre
Conducting Conducting (leading an orchestra) Conducting (orchestra)
Conducting and orchestra direction Conducting, choir and orchestra conducting Conducting, Choir and Orchestra Direction
Conducting, Choral Conducting Conservation and restoration Constitutional law/International law
Construction and Environmental Engineering Construction and Wood Technology Controlling, Management and Information
Coptic studies Cultural anthropology/Ethnology Cultural geography
Cultural studies Cultural studies aesthetic practice Cultural work
Culture and media education Dairy food technology Dance
Dancing, contemporary and classical Danish Dentistry
Design Design technique Didactics of ergonomics
Didactics of German as a Second Language Dietetics and Domestic Science Differentiated instrumental training of musicians
Directing (Drama or music theatre) Directing drama theatre Directing drama/theatre
Directing music theatre Direction Domestic sciences
Drama Drama-directing Dramaturgy/ theatrical art
Dutch E-Services East Asian Regional Studies, focussing on China
Eastern Slavic studies Eastern Slavic studies (Russian studies) Ecology and environmental protection
Economic and social history Economic geography Economic Law
Economics Economics (business administration and national economics in parallel) Economics and Organisational Science
Economics/Agricultural economics Ecotrophology Editing, technical
Education Education (special need education) Education and Training Studies
Education Science Education Science / Social Education and Social Work Education, general
Education/Education theory Education/Teaching people with disabilities Educational Science
Egyptology Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Information Engineering
Electrical and Information Engineering Electrical engineering Electrical Engineering - Computer Science (GTW)
Electrical Engineering / Information Engineering Electrical Engineering and Automation Engineering Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering
Electrical engineering and information technology Electrical engineering and information tehnology Electrical engineering, electronics and information technology
Electrical engineering, physical Electrical engineering/ Computer science Electrical engineering/ Electronics
Electrical engineering/ Information technology Electrical Engineering/Information Engineering Electrical engineering/Information technology
Electronical engineering Electronics/ Engineering computing Elementary and family education
Energy and Environmental Engineering Energy and environmental management Energy engineering
Energy systems engineering Engineering Engineering computing
Engineering computing (electrical engineering) Engineering, general Engineering, physical
English English and American Language, Literature and Culture English and American studies
English and American studies with a focus on English literary studies English and American studies with a focus on English philology English Language and Literature / American Language and Literature
English Philology English studies English studies - literary studies
English Studies and Media Management English Studies, American Studies and Economics English/American language and literature
Environmental and business management Environmental engineering Environmental process engineering
Environmental Protection Environmental protection engineering Environmental protection, technical
Environmetal protection engineering Ergonomics Ergonomics, work theory
Ergonomics/work theory Ethics Ethnology
Ethnology (German and comparative) Ethnology, historical Ethnology/European ethnology
European Art History European Community Education Studies European Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology
European Ethnology Exhibition and Scenography Farming
Farming, ecological Fashion Fashion design
Film Film and Television Drama Film and TV directing
Film science Financial Services and Corporate Finance Finno-Ugrian Philology
Finno-Ugric studies Finno-Ugric studies (Ural studies) Focus on Business Administration
Folklore studies/Cultural Anthropology Food chemistry Food engineering
Food science (two-subject Bachelor) Food Science and Biotechnology Food technology
Food, Nutrition, Hygiene Forest management France studies
French French (Romance Philology) Fuel engineering
Gem and jewellery design Geman General Studies
Geodesics Geodesics and Geoinformatics Geodesy and Geo-information
Geodesy and Geomatics Geoecology Geoengineering and applied geosciences
Geographic Sciences Geography Geography (anthropogeography)
Geography, physical Geography/ Earth science Geography/Earth sciences
Geology Geology/Palaeontology Geophysics
Geophysics and Meteorology Geosciences Geosciences, applied
Geotechnics and mining German German as a foreign language
German as a foreign language philology (literary studies) German Language and Literature German Linguistics
German Philology German Philology taking special account of German as a Second Language German studies
German studies (two-subject Bachelor) German studies abroad/German as a foreign and second language German-Italian studies
Germanic and German Philology Glass Glass design
Goldsmithing and silversmithing Government and Social Sciences Graphics
Graphics, free Graphics, free and Painting / Object Art Greek
Health and Nutrition Health and Social Care Management Health and Social Economy
Health Sciences Hispanic studies History
History and culture ot the Near East plus Turkology History of Eastern and Southern Europe History of science
History of the natural sciences and technology History ot the natural sciences History, alte
History, ancient History, auxiliary sciences of history History, Eastern Europe
History, Eastern European History, Iberian and Latin American History, Languages and Culture of the Middle East/Focus on Islamic Studies
History, medieval History, Medieval and Modern History, modern
Home Economics Home economics/Textiles Horticulture
Horticulture Management Housing and real estate management (Property management) Human biology
Human Biology/Biomedical Science Human medicine Ibero-Romance Philology
Illustration and communication design Indo-European studies Indology
Indology and Tamil studies Indology, classical Industrial Design
Industrial Design / Product Design Industrial Engineer for Naval Science - Nautical Industrial engineering
Industrial Engineering (Bocholt) Industrial engineering (Civil engineering) Industrial Engineering (Hagen)
Industrial engineering (industrial and business systems) Industrial engineering - building and construction Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering / Transport Management Industrial Engineering for Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Microsystems Engineering Industrial Engineering/Environmental Planning
Industrial Management and Engineering Information and electrical engineering Information and telecommunications engineering
Information management, international Information Science Information sciences
Information technology Information technology in mechanical engineering Information Technology, applied
Instrument course, Singing, Operatic Singing, Composition, Conducting Instrumental and singing education Instrumental training
Instrumental training: all orchestral instruments\\; accordion, guitar Instruments Instruments (orchestra music)
Instruments and Singing, Artistic Training Instruments and song Insurance studies
Interior Architecture, Design Interior design International Bachelor’s degree in East Asia/Focus on Sinology
International business/international management International Management International Mathematics
International personnel management and organisation International Studies of Global Management Interpreting
Islamic science Islamic sciences I Islamic Studies
Italian Italian studies Italien
Italo-Romance Philology Japan, modern Japanese studies
Jazz Jazz / Popular Music Jazz/Rock/Pop
Jewellery and equipment Jewish studies Journalism
Journalism, publishing and media studies Judaic studies Jurisprudence
Landscape architecture Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Landscape conservation
Landscape cultivation and environmental protection Landscape ecology Landscape ecology and nature conservation
Landscape planning and Landscape Architecture Landscape Planning/Landscape Architecture Language and literary studies, French
Language and literary studies, German Language and literary studies, Italian Language and literary studies, Spanish
Language and literature of the Middle Ages, German Languages and Cultures of South-East Asia Languages for business purposes, applied and international corporate management
Latin Latin Philology Latin Philology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Era
Latin studies Law Law, German-French Magister degree course
Leather processing and shoe engineering Library Library and information studies
Linguistic data processing/Computer linguistics Linguistics Linguistics, comparative
Linguistics, comparative (Language Typology) Linguistics, comparative Indo-European Linguistics, English
Linguistics, general Linguistics, general and comparative Linguistics, general and Indo-European
Linguistics, German Literary studies, comparative Literary studies, English
Literary studies, general and comparative Literary studies, Romance/French Literary studies, Romance/Italian
Literary translating Literature, General and Comparative Logics and theory of science
Logistics Logistics and Information Management Lower secondary school didactics
Management in community health (career-integrated and non-career-integrated studies) Management in the health service Management in trade and commerce
Maritime Traffic and Port Management Marketing Marketing East Asia
Material and production technology Materials engineering Materials science
Materials science and materials technology Materials science, Diplom Mathematics
Mathematics and computer science, integrated degree course Mathematics with practical application subject Mathematics, applied
Mathematics, minor subject Mathematics/Computer Science Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering (Gießen) Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics Mechanical Engineering / Production Engineering
Mechanical engineering and process engineering Mechanical Engineering in practical association (training-integrated) Mechanical engineering, general
Mechanical systems Mechatronics Mechatronics/Industrial and Engineering Physics
Media and communication studies Media and information studies Media art
Media computing Media engineering Media management
Media Publishing Media studies Media studies, applied
Media technology Media, audio-visual Mediacomputing
Medical and nursing education Medicine Medicine (pre-clinical and clinical)
Medicine - model degree course Medieval and modern Latin philology Metal engineering
Metal engineering (GTW) Metal engineering (two-subject Bachelor) Metallurgy
Meteorology Microsystems engineering Microsystems Engineering (international degree course)
Mine surveying Mine surveying geodesics Mineralogy
Mining Molecular Life Sciences Mongol studies
Motion Studies Museum studies Music
Music and sound recording (Tonmeister) Music education Music education (instruments, singing, jazz/pop/rock)
Music Education (music school and freelance) Music education (music school teachers and freelance music teachers) Music education, instrumental/singing/general music education/-theory/rhythmics)
Music instrument making Music school and freelance Music school teachers and freelance music teachers
Music teacher Music Teacher (classical/instrumental) Music Teaching for music school / private
Music theatre directing Music Theory / Composition, coordinated Music transmission/broadcasting (Tonmeister)
Music, ancient Music, artistic training Music, early
Music, instrumental music Music, singing Musical shows
Musicals Musicology Musicology, systematic
National Economics National/political economics National/political economics, socio-scientific orientation
Naval architecture Naval Engineering and Marine Engineering, international degree course Nursing
Nursing and Public Health Management Nursing Care Management (career-integrated) Nursing education
Nursing management Nursing Teaching (career-integrated and non-career-integrated) Nursing/Nursing management
Nutrition and Domestic Science Nutrition/Food science Nutritional science
Nutrtional science Occupational science Oceanography
Opera Coaching Opera School Opera, choir singing
Opera, solo singing Ophthalmic Optics Optoelectronics
Orchestral instruments/keyboard instruments/guitar/viola da gamba Orchestral music Oriental studies
Packaging engineering Painting Painting / Graphics
Painting, free Painting/Graphic art Papyrology
Persian studies Pharmaceutical engineering Pharmacy
Philology of the Middle Ages and of the modern age, Latin Philology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Era, Latin Philology of the Middle Ages, Latin
Philology, ancient Oriental Philology, classical Philology, classical (especially Latin)
Philology, Dutch Philology, English Philology, French
Philology, Friesian Philology, Gallo-Romance Philology, German
Philology, Greek Philology, Indo-European Philology, Indonesian
Philology, Italian Philology, Latin Philology, Latin (classical)
Philology, middle Latin Philology, Nordic Philology, oriental (Oriental studies)
Philology, Romance Philology, Romance (focus on French) Philology, Romance (focus on Italian)
Philology, Romance (literary studies) Philology, semitic Philology, Slavic
Philology, Slavic (literary studies) Philology, Southern Slavic Philology, Spanish
Philology, Western Slavic Philology,Nordic Philosophy
Philosophy (two-subject Bachelor) Philosophy / Ethics Philosophy / Practical Philosophy
Philosophy, practical Philosophy/Ethics Phonetics
Phonetics and linguistic communication Photography Physical and Instrumental Engineering
Physical Education Physical Engineering Physics
Physics (including astronomy) Physics, general Physics, technical
Physics, technical/engineering Physics/Engineering physics Physics/Physical technologies
Plastics and Elastomer Engineering Plastics engineering Polish
Polish studies Political Science Politics
Politics (political science/sociology) Politics (two-subject Bachelor) Politics and Economics
Politics and Economy Politik und Wirtschaft Popular music
Portuguese Power and Process Engineering Pre- and early history
Precision engineering Prehistoric and Early Historic Archaeology Prehistory and early history
Primary school didactics Primary school didadics Primary school eduation and primary school didactics
Primary teaching Print and Packaging Technology Printing and media technology
Process and Environmental Engineering Process engineering Product Design
Product Design, Diplom Product development and design Product Engineering
Production engineering Production Engineering (Technical Business Administration) Production Engineering / Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering
Production engineering and organisation Production Management (industrial engineering) Production Technology
Protestant Theology Psychoanalysis Psychology
Psychology with a school psychology focus Public law Public management
Publishing Puppet theatre Recycling
Regional (development) planning Regional and environmental planning Regional history, Bavarian and Franconian
Rehabilitation education Religion Religion, Catholic
Religion, Catholic (two-subject Bachelor) Religion, Protestant Religion, Protestant (two-subject Bachelor)
Religion/ Religious studies Religion/ Religious studies and religious history Religionslehre, Catholic
Religious education, Catholic Religious education, Protestant Religious education/ Church education work
Religious education/Community diaconal Religious history, general Religious Studies
Religious Studies, catholic Religious Studies, Protestant Research and history ot the build environment
Restoration Restoration course Restoration, art technology and conservation science
Restoration/Excavation technique Rhetoric, general Rhythmics
Romance Languages / Gallo-Romance Philology Romance Languages / Ibero-Romance Philology Romance Languages / Italo-Romance Philology
Romance Languages, French Romance Philology Romance studies
Romance studies (French) Romance studies (Italian) Romance studies (Romanian)
Romance studies (Spanish) Russian Russian Philology
Russian studies Sales and purchasing engineering, international Scandinavian Philology
Scandinavian studies School education School music
Schwedish Science, applied Sculpture
Sculpture, fine Sculpture/plastic art Semitic studies
Ship operation engineering Ship operations Sign language
Singing Singing, music theather/oratorium/song-lied recital Singing/music theatre
Sinology Sinology I (Classical Sinology) Slavic Philology
Slavic studies Slawic studies Social and business communication
Social Anthropology Social economics Social education
Social science Social sciences Social studies
Social Work Social work (career-integrated) Social Work (Hildesheim)
Social Work (München) Social Work (social education) Social work/education
Social work/social education Social Work/Theory of Social Education Sociology
Software engineering Sound and image engineering South East Asian Studies
Southern Slavic (Croatian / Serbian) Philology Southern Slavic studies Spanish
Special Education Special needs education Special Needs Education (double subject Bachelor)
Special needs education study branch Specialist communication, international Specialist didactics
Speech science and phonetics Speech training Sport
Sport (two-subject Bachelor) Sport / Sports Science Sport in the field of prevention/rehabilitation
Sport science Sports economics Sports education/Physical education
Sports science Sports science with a focus on computing Stage and Costume Design
Stage and set design Stage and set design and costume design Stage costume design
Stage Set Design Statistics Structural steel and metal engineering
Structural wood engineering and interior fitting Supply Engineering Surface engineering and materials science
Surveying Surveying and geoinformatics Surveying and Real Estate Management
Systems science, applied Taxation Teaching and research ot speech therapy
Teaching applied subjects Teaching area natural sciences Teaching area social science
Technological mathematics Technology Telecommunications
Textile and surface pattern design Textile design Textile engineering
Textile technology and clothing engineering Textile, fashion and costume design Textiles
Theatre and Media Science Theatre studies Theatre, Film and Media Science
Theatre, film and TV studies Theology, Catholic Theology, Old Catholic
Theology, Protestant Theology/Religion, Catholic Theology/Religious education, Catholic
Theology/Religious education, Protestant Therapeutic education Therapeutic education/teaching people with disabilities
Tibetan studies Tourism Tourism - Tourism and Travel Management
Tourism management Town and Regional Planning Traffic Engineering
Training in Musical Instruments Translating Translating and interpreting
Transport and Logistics Management Transport management Transport studies
Turkish Turkology/Turkish studies Turkology/Turkish studies and Central Asian studies
Urban and regional (development) planning Utility and energy engineering Utility and environmental engineering
Utility engineering Vehicle and Aircraft Engineering Veterinary medicine
Viticulture and Beverage Technology Voice and Musical Instruments Teaching Water management
Western Slavic studies Wood technology Wood technology (two-subject Bachelor)
Work and Career Guidance/Technology Work-Business-Technology Work/Business